About Us

Wishing Wells are portable water dispensers designed with a desire to create a more sustainable future. By providing an effective alternative to disposable water bottles, we remove the most significant hurdle to more sustainable behavior. With a focus on student-centered innovation, our design is customizable to the unique hydration needs of your school or organization. Wishing Wells not only save money, but also spread awareness about the overuse of plastic.

About the Issue

  • Americans use 50 billion plastic water bottles per year, or 167 per person. This also means 1,500 bottles are thrown away every second (Salzman, pg. 176).

  • Only 20% of these bottles are ever recycled.

  • Plastic takes 500-1,000 years to decompose. In the meantime the waste clogs our oceans, kills animals and leaks harmful chemicals into our bodies and the Earth.

  • American plastic bottle consumption takes 17 million barrels of oil per year, or enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for the same amount of time.

  • Bottled water can cost more than 10,000 times the price of tap water (Salzman, pg. 176).

  • History

    Wishing Wells were created to solve a problem.

    Wesleyan University banned disposable water bottles but needed to hydrate people during events

    Embracing simplicity, our team of 4 undergrads created the winning design

    We beat expectations by saving the equivalent 10,000 plastic bottles across a few campus events

    We now seek to spread this technology and its benefits openly


    Runs Completely Free of Electricity

    Cold Water Created with Ice and a Hose

    Pressure-Driven Filter Purifies Water

    Constructed from high quality materials including Food-Grade Copper Tubing

    Open Source

    Spreading the benefits of Wishing Wells is our primary goal, so we decided to make our designs open source. The bill of materials and CAD drawings are completely free. With adequate facilities, these documents will provide all necessary plans for constructing a Wishing Well for either personal or commercial use. You may follow our plans precisely or take creative freedom and alter them to fit your needs.

    We were inspired to tackle an environmental problem through design and now want to help you do the same. Build your own Wishing Well, share the plans with friends or use our idea to spark your own project! After all, only together can we create a sustainably hydrated future.


    Our 4 designs vary by features and assembly to match your needs.


    An update to the original design, this model has been crafted to be assembled by students with mechanical engineering experience.


    For those with only a toolbox, this model can be constructed free from a machine shop.


    To fine-tune water capacity for large events, this model can link together to allow greater customization.


    When functionality is all that matters, this model retains only the core features to allow for the greatest cost savings.


    Do you have questions or comments? Are you excited about our ideas? Interested in joining our team? Contact us at wishingwellswater@gmail.com.